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My area of expertise, Fashion and Glamour photography, Nature, wild life, flowers, animals, still life and landscapes. I love to capture the moment. With nature and animals, you never know what to expect!

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© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 11965384: A Grand Veranda Always something new!        slide show (1047)
This gallery will be updated every week with new photos.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 6047710: Aussie puppy II Animals and such        slide show (158)
Animals of all kinds.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 4227643: Remembering the past Black & White photography        slide show (154)
Memories of days gone by...

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 4874332:  After Impressionist, Port Austin Michigan Canvas Masterpieces        slide show (11)
Masterpieces created in Corel Painter

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 5360376: Malts at Red Knapps City lights        slide show (16)
The beauty of city lights at night.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 5339686: The Magic of the Aussie... Contest finalists and editors pick photos        slide show (367)
Photo contest finalists and editors picks.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 11752274: Yellow Tulips Everything Else        slide show (129)
Every thing else, these don't fit into any other gallery.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 4815932: Michigan's many Farm stands Farm Produce        slide show (9)
The colors of Farm Fresh produce

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 14388007: Fashion Photography        slide show (278)
Fashion and Model photography

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 11965390: Flying Flower Flowers of all kinds        slide show (111)
The beauty of flowers captured in photography.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 5106990: Candy Cane Wishes... Holiday memories        slide show (26)
Greeting card covers for the magical time of the year.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 3991505: Blue Aussie-Lucas In Memory of my BEST FRIEND..        slide show (7)
I lost my very best friend very unexpected and suddenly, this is in Lucas's Memory.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 11964898: A Grand View... Infrared photography        slide show (114)
Everything looks so..........strange, yet so interesting in infrared.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 2810924: Sunset at Stoney Creek Lake Landscapes        slide show (90)
Landscapes and interesting landmarks.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 11886787: Happy Lifestyle Photography....        slide show (93)
Lifestyles....special events in people's lives

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 9141336: Connor-2009 Lucas Connor Pet Photography-by Sibylle ...        slide show (11)
Dedicated to my two Australian Shepherds, Lucas and Connor. Pet photography of all kinds.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 2120065: antique watches Macro photography        slide show (39)
Macro photography, looking at the world from a different perspective

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 9833212: Yellow Coupe Moving Machines        slide show (71)
Moving Machines, Automoibles, Planes, trains, motorcycles.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 2243705: under the sea............ Nature        slide show (10)
Nature and all it beauty

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 10430499: Chief Pontiac People        slide show (372)
People make the world go round

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 2629284: Which way....... Photo Essays        slide show (15)
Series of photos, telling a story.

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 9727596: Shhhhhhhh Photojournalism        slide show (15)
Telling the story through photographs

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 8705024: Vintage War Bird Remember our Heros, Vintage Military        slide show (28)
I am very interested in vintage military air craft, I go to air shows every chance I get. I hope you injoy all the photos, and remember our War Heros

© Sibylle  Basel PhotoID# 9449691: Child of the forest Special Effects        slide show (41)
Photos that were done with special effects.

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