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Question   Appreciation
Always on the look out for the outstanding image or catch for motivations.... Thanks for sharing your work its what I look for. :)

- Dan Nedrelo March 18, 2014

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Question   Pics
Lots of very nice pics in a very well set up and arranged Website... your passion for photography shines through Sybille.... congrats

- Nick Lagos September 08, 2007

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Question   loved the site
I really enjoyed the website Sibylle.

-  February 26, 2007

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Question   Great Images!!!
Hi Sibllye,

I'm from you BetterPhoto.com class. Was looking at you images & you have some really great ones. I opened my studio this winter, but haven't gotten around to getting a web site set up yet. Keep you the great work

- Coralea Breezley February 01, 2007

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Question   Love your site!
Your website is awesome and I love the images you selected. You are a gifited and talented photographer and artist. You inspire me to become a better photographer!

- DOUG HODEL June 28, 2006

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Question   First guestbook entry :)
Awesome website, Sibylle! Easy to get around and view, and I love the "search" bar at the bottom (great idea)

- Timothy W. Morris June 10, 2006

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